Capabilities – Revised

Turning :

Okuma Crown L1060                                                          10” X 20” Travel

Okuma Genos L300-MY                                                     11” X 41” Travel with Edge Rebel 102 Bar Feed and Mill/Turn Capabilities

Haas SL40 LB                                                                       25” X 80”  Travel , with Big Bore Spindle and  Steady Rest

Mori Seki SL-65                                                                    17” X 35” Travel

Okuma LB3000EXII-MYW                                               10.24” x 22.24” Travel with Edge Rebel 80 Bar Feed, Sub Spindle,  and Mill / Turn Capabilities

Okuma LB3000 EXII                                                          10.24” X 22.24” Travel

Okuma LB45 III                                                                    23” X 30” Travel


Haas Mini Mill Full 4th Axis  5C Collet Indexer/ Rotary Axis                                  16” X 12” X 10” Travel

(2) Haas VF5 With HRT-210 Full 4th Axis                                                                   50” X 26” X 25” Travel

Haas VF7 With HRT 310 Full 4th Axis                                                                          84” X 32” X 30” Travel

Okuma Genos M560V Full 4th Axis                                                                               41” X 22” X 18” Travel

Okuma Genos M460V-5AX Full 5 Axis                                                                         30” X 18.11” X 18.11 Travel

Fadal VMC 4020 3 Axis                                                                                                    40” X 20” X 20” Travel


(2) Climate Controlled QA Labs

Brown And Sharpe 12.20.10 Exel CMM With Nikon
CMM Manager Software and PH60 Head                                                                   72” X 48” X 36” Travel

Brown And Sharpe Global 7107 CMM With PC Dmis Software                              36” X 24” X 24” Travel

Keyence IM – 7001 Series Image Dimension Measuring System

Micro Vu Model H-14 Optical Comparitor

Fab :

Cosen G320 Saw High Production Automatic Saw                                                    12.8” X 15” Capacity

Manual Machining:

Sharpe Vertical Kee Mill

Alliant Vertical Knee Mill

Harrison M390 Engine Lathe

Acer AGS 1632 AHP Surface Grinder

Harig 618W Surface Grinder

DoAll Vertical Band Saw

TMS provides a number of services in house and has long standing relationships with trusted vendors to out-source other services.

At Thomas Mechanical Inc. the latest in machine technology and equipment are used to assure speed, precision, and quality in all parts. Our CNC equipment is complimented by a variety of other equipment including engine lathes, horizontal and vertical milling machines, surface grinders, and various types of finishing equipment.